CopterSystems GmbH

03. OCT. 2017

The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) CS-P.O.C. by CopterSystems GmbH is the result of a completely new concept to develop an absolutely reliable and professional photogrammetry tool and to leave the field of hobby users. CopterSystems decided to customize a UAV specifically for the high-end models of the iXU camera series from Danish manufacturer PhaseOne, which is currently one of the highest resolution and best in photogrammetry, and to „build around“ the system.


Since safety is the top priority for all aircraft, the CS-P.O.C. has a high level of safety high redundancy and is - equipped with the latest engine technology - three times more powerful than what would normally be required for lifting the capacity to the weight ratio. Even in relatively strong wind conditions, safety and stability are absolutely guaranteed.

unyt was commissioned to develop the CS-P. O. C. (Phase One Carrier) from the design side. The choice of manufacturing processes had to take into account the production in small and very small series. The design is based on the camera‘s appearance, which is presented as precise and very clear with some accents. Easy to dismount, the system fits into a flightcase and can be easily transported.